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Poster: HektorT Date: Oct 4, 2010 6:11am
Forum: feature_films Subject: Re: Another list of movies in question

I've previously looked into a lot of these westerns, so just reading from my notes here.

High Lonesome is Public Domain. It is sort of a sister production to "The Sundowners", which is also public domain (and has been uploaded here), as they were filmed back to back by the same production company.

Gunfight at Red Sands is GATT eligible. It's an Italian production, first screened in Italy. Never registered in the US, never renewed, no NIE. It is available from Something Weird Video.

The Valley of the Gwanji, 1969 is GATT eligible. This film was originally released in Germany and in the US 60 days afterwards, with non-American copyright holders so it is GATT eligible. But it was never registered in the US, never renewed and no NIE has been filed.

Ride in the Whirlwind is not PD. It was not initially registered and although it was initially released overseas, it's not GATT eligible because of the all American copyright holders. The print you can download from (paid) has a copyright notice at the END of the film, and it was renewed in 1994.

Ths Shooting, not PD. It was filmed in 1967 but not released until 1980 in Portugal. It is not GATT eligible for the same reasons as Ride in the Whirlwind. Additionally, the script was published in Esquire magazine in 1971, so even if the film were PD, the underlying script, which was published before the film, would not be PD. If you like Monte Hellman (also directed Ride in the Whirlwind), you can read about that here:

One Western that I'd like to see, if somebody has it and could upload it, is "The Buckskin Lady" 1957, registered but not renewed.

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Poster: k-otic Date: Oct 4, 2010 5:42am
Forum: feature_films Subject: Re: Another list of movies in question

Thanks for the additional information ... I uploaded "High Lonesome" today

About "The Buckskin Lady" I have to look through my collection first ...